About me


Why I became a golf performance coach

My name is Tim Nightingale, and I am a Sports Psychologist based in the UK. I have the pleasure of being married to Katherine who is the Managing Director of a Youth Arts organisation. We have three children, boys to be precise.

My personal journey in to the field of sporting performance began when I decided to move away from coaching the physical game to focus on the challenges offered by the mental game of golf. It is a wonderful subject to coach, and offers rewards beyond expectation to every client I have had the honour of coaching. Having completed training and gained qualifications in Sports NLP and CBT (Cognitive behaviour Therapy) I became fascinated by the topics and
began the longer term commitment of a Psychology degree.

Since then I have now coached many golfers and enjoyed many moments where these golfers have experienced the mental freedom to perform better, enjoy the game more and learn more about it all at the same time. These three pillars are evident in any task; performance, learning and enjoyment – and all of them must be considered and tended to regularly if you are to succeed at the task – and this fact is no more evident in anything else than playing golf. Age, ability and gender make no difference. The Mental Game is there for all to participate in.