Club Captain’s seminar

A great evening

One of my favourite activities is the Club Captain’s Seminar. This is an interactive presentation on the subject of sports psychology in golf, and how a number of techniques and theories can help any golfer to reduce round scores and handicap whilst also increasing their enjoyment of the game. I guarantee that everybody, including myself, will learn something to help improve their game.

Where do they take place?

Performed usually at the golf club itself, the Club Captain and myself agree an entry fee for club members and optionally non-members to attend the seminar. Half of the proceeds from the evening are then gifted by myself to the Club Captain to be donated to a charity of his, or her, choosing. Every member that attends also receives a 10% discount voucher by email for any one-to-one coaching session at their club on a date of their choosing.

What is covered?

Many topics, theories and techniques are discussed through the course of the evening, which usually lasts about two hours, however there are some subjects that always seem to arise:

  • Case study – Ian Poulter
  • Technique – hit the small ball before the big ball
  • Our brains – powerful yet fallible
  • Self v Self 2 – battle of the voices
  • Limiting beliefs – they are everywhere on the course
  • Visualisation – see it before it happens
  • Putting psychology – put to hole
  • Pre-shot routine – nail it
  • Post-shot routine – just as important as pre-shot routine
  • Fear and anchors – they are everywhere in life
  • Managing state – critical if you want to succeed

How to proceed

If your golf club is interested in hosting such an event, and I always suggest letting the Club Professional know of the event – indeed they are welcome to attend, then please call me on 07595 158490 or email me.