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Do you try to predict your score during a hole?

Do you try to predict you score for the front-9 or back-9?

Do you try to predict your round score?

Do you not have a strategy for managing your emotional state whilst walking between holes?

Do you talk negatively about yourself on the course, possible far worse than you would a playing partner?

Do you consider how the current round could change your handicap?

Do you lack commitment to your pre-shot routine?

Do you not have a post-shot routine?

Do you ever predict a negative outcome for a shot on the course?

Do you ever play a shot without mentally visualising the outcome?

Do you not know what your dominant sense is (sight, sound, feel) to help visualisation?

Do you not know if you have any negative anchors on the golf course?

Do you ever draw upon negative memories during a round of golf that produce a negative state?

Do you fear bunkers, hazards and out of bounds?

Do you consciously try to control your swing when playing?

Do you switch between a number of different swing thoughts during a round?

Do you consciously try to control any physical element of your swing during a round?

Do you not have a post shot routine?

Do you occasionally or often leave the scene of a perceived bad shot in a manner that establishes a negative memory?