Mental Game Scorecard and Handbook + Skype coaching session


What have previous buyers said?

Having the Skype session before was a big help. Guidelines are good, but Tim was able to direct me to parts of the scorecard that I may have kept clear of. The scorecard itself is fabulous. I do feel like I’m playing with far more freedom. Interesting insight from Tim during Skype call was how many golfers constantly try to fix their swing. No two swings ever the same, so how can we fix them?


I have not come across anything like this. It has helped me completely change my thinking on the golf course and it has reduced my scores and radically reduced my on course stress. My favourite technique is the in-between shot ‘steps’ technique. Simple yet so distracting!!!


Simple to use but lots of choices and techniques. Some may find some a bit odd, but if you stick with it it does work


Used it three times now. Makes you look at the game very differently, which I found to be a good thing. One or two things starting to appear in my competitive rounds without even thinking about them. Using mainly techniques for pre-shot routine.


I bought this having had a coaching session with Tim. He’s passed on some great advice. Whilst I haven’t tried the scorecard fully yet, I did use it on a par 3 whilst on holiday last week and I have to say I’m looking forward to using it properly.



What is The Mental Game Scorecard and Handbook?

Have you ever noticed how golfers that respect the mental game of golf improve their performance, learning and enjoyment of the game significantly more than those that do not?

The Mental Game Scorecard and Handbook belongs in the golf bag of every serious golfer, particularly those that want to lower their round scores and handicap to become the envy of other golfers.

When you download The Mental Game Scorecard and Handbook today, you'll have all the mental game techniques needed to significantly improve your learning, performance and enjoyment of the game of golf at your fingertips. It's like having your own Sports Psychologist walking the course with you.

The Mental Game Scorecard is a comprehensive selection of mental game techniques that in a short period of time will have a profound effect on your game. The benefits of the Handbook include:

  • Your performance, learning and enjoyment will all improve collectively and rapidly
  • You will construct your own solid mental game structure incorporating pre, post and in-between shot routines that means you are constantly protected from any and all mental game demons
  • You will replace fear with awareness on the course to protect yourself from fear based physiological responses that restrict the execution of a fluid swing
  • You will understand how important it is to build a post-shot routine that improves feedback and learning from each shot. This aids your learning of the game as you control negative post-swing reactions so that your mind can gather feedback to aid learning
  • You will play with a mind that is clear and focused between and during shots. The walk between shots it a vulnerable and time consuming aspect of the game. Interesting and challenging techniques make this a fun and interesting part of the round.
  • You will execute golf shots free from debilitating swing control thoughts. “Trying” to swing the club is every golfer’s worst enemy as it prevents the subconscious minds from executing your best “grooved” swing based on developed motor functions.
  • You will execute golf shots free from fear and anxiety. You will appreciate how the anchoring of negative emotions to specific parts of the golf course is to be prevented.
  • You will recognise when your negative golfing ego is damaging your game and how to manage it.

The Mental Game Handbook is “made more than a book” through the benefits of the Mental Game Scorecard. This creative addition to the handbook ensures that you not only take the techniques on to the course with you but that you use them, place total awareness in to them and monitor closely your own progress. The Scorecard also:

  • Forces you to place all conscious cognitive resources in to the mental game, in doing so freeing your subconscious mind to control your physical game
  • Forces your conscious mind to focus on details of the round that do not inhibit performance, learning or enjoyment
  • Places your conscious awareness in to the parts of your game where learning takes place. For example, immediately after impact with the golf ball when you need to collected feedback from ball flight and other variables
  • Encourages you to track your progress with each technique from the Mental Game Handbook being used, and to place conscious cognitive resources in to assessing your ability to use the technique.

As such The Mental Game Scorecard is itself a significant tool in improving your mental game, as the use of it alone keeps the conscious mind, where mental game difficulties arise, otherwise occupied. The Mental Game Handbook is a genuine path to an improved golfing experience where learning, performance and enjoyment combine to take your game to a new level irrespective of your handicap and expertise. Every golfer will experience significant improvements relative to their current level of ability.

What do I get?

You will receive the comprehensive Mental Game Scorecard and Handbook straight to your inbox and a Skype session booked at a time convenient to yourself. It outlines a wide and varied set of sports psychology techniques that will help you overcome so many of the mental challenges that we all face on the golf course. You will also be included in a mailing list to receive electronic updates to the handbook.

The Mental Game Scorecard component is designed to prompt you to use a combination of these techniques on the course during practice rounds so that they become a natural instinct in competitive play. There are too many techniques to use in a single round – it is up to you to decide which you believe will benefit you the most and to focus on those initially.

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