Skype coaching

Access my coaching

I know you’re puzzled by how I have manage to coach clients overseas. Like yourself, there is only one of me, and as much as I would like to travel to the many golfing regions of the world to help everybody that would benefit from my coaching, this is sadly not possible. As such I offer direct coaching using digital technology. Skype, wifi calls, videos and e-mail are all resources that empower both of us to maintain an effective coaching relationship with yourself over great distances.

Time zones

I always work around your availability irrespective of time zone. We agree a time, expected duration and meet initially via Skype or Facebook video. I will send you coaching information and a questionnaire prior to our first appointment and very often for follow up sessions as well. I guarantee that I will not be disturbed, and I suggest that you make every effort to have an uninterrupted period to benefit from the coaching session.

Do we have to meet to work together?

I have coached clients that I have never met in person. The coaching process is exactly the same even though there is a dependence on technology. E-mail plays a significant part in the engagement as well so please make sure you have a private email address. There may be an occasion for me to ask you to send a short piece of video that relates to a given coaching activity, but for the majority of the time our contact will be via video calls and email.